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Creating a Character

1. Choose your alignment. (Pathfinder Core)
2. Pick a personality type.
3. Roll your stats. (4d6 Drop the lowest, or Point Buy)
4. Pick your race.
5. Choose a class.
6. Select homeland.
7. Pick feats. (Pathfinder Core)
8. Pick traits. (Pathfinder Core)
9. Select skills. (Pathfinder Core)
10. Purchase equipment.


The Races of Man
The Races of Elves
The Races of Dwarf
The Races of Folk
The Races of Beast
The Races of Draconians
The Races of Genies
The Races of Brutes


Skill based plus mana pool.


Wounds from criticals based on weapon type (Bludgeoning, Slashing, Piercing)

The Gods

The Old Gods born a millennia ago at the dawn of time, these elders have guided all life on Tuloras. These primordial rule their own plane of existence, however they can only interact with mortals through avatars and dreams.

The New Gods are the recently ascended paragons, who through acts of greatness have stolen a splinter of divinity. These Demi-Gods cannot create their own plane of existence to act as an afterlife for their followers. However they live and rule from the mortal plane itself.

The Planes

Material Plane, 7 Old Gods Planes, Elemental Planes, Alignment Planes (Good, Evil, Law, Chaos), city of brass/sigil,





Player Characters

Main Page

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